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Thank you to the following people who have named a seat at the Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall.

Theatre Royal Auditorium

Theatre Royal

Su Pollard, Christopher Biggins, David Longford/Royal Company, Alex Hall's Family, Mrs Eileen Robinson, Mr John Holmes, Mr Mike Gyles, Mrs Sharon Hancock, The cast, Crew & Staff at The Theatre Royal Classic Thriller Season, The Johnson Family, The Horobin family, David Hasselhoff, Barney Harwood, Mrs Suzanne Morton, Mr Porter Hawkins, The Children of Ann Colgan, Miss Joan Parmenter, Ms Alison Clark, Ms Susan Rea, Mrs Lyn Coxon, Ms Clem Hall, Mr & MrsEwan Farr, Radcliffe-On-Trent Drama Group, Ms Avril McCormick, Mrs Julie Rice & Family, Ms N Bailey, Mr M Squires.

Royal Concert Hall Auditorium

Royal Concert Hall

Mark J Tansley, Miss Joan Parmenter, Mr David Lawson, Nicola & Paete Dawson, Mandy Johnston, Mr Robert Mitchell, Ms Debbie Clephane, Miss Audrey Whetton. Mrs Lyn Coxon, The Staff of Derbyshire Police. Ms Z Head.